Last updated: 2018/05/12

Earlier I suggested I would include more information about the rpm spec file; however I don't think I actually will: I don't know what to say because as I noted in my submission comments (the rpm specific file) it is more a personal thing. As I also noted I was under no impression that anyone else would want it. On the other hand I did want it and I like to be as complete as possible. With that in mind I do want to say one thing in particular:

There are two man pages in my entry; originally I submitted the weasel.1 man page with relative file names. However when I won I decided to have a man page for system install (again for my own use but since I had included the spec file I had to change the paths to the files). Without giving it much thought I changed the paths in the weasel.1 file after copying it to; I then updated the file name in the judges' comments. What happened next was an unfortunate mistake: the original hint.text and hint.html files were published. This was rather embarrassing to me (the paths specific) but I had actually drastically modified the remarks; this includes but is not limited to:

This error was fixed late on the 6th of May but Dave Burton (quite validly) pointed out the fact it's a bit of an assumption to have system paths; well it actually wasn't an assumption but it was still an error and partly mine.

In any event my entry does have the weasel.spec file and although I might provide instructions on how to create the tarball I have no desire in providing more information; this is because I never felt I was good at teaching and there are a lot of subtleties and technicalities when it comes to building RPM files.