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Last updated: 21 February 2021 (complete changelog since 26 July 2020)


On 26 July 2020 it came to my attention that two of my 2020 IOCCC entries have won! I'm very very happy and incredibly proud. This brings my total to three now. In time here I will give more information but for now these tweets is all there is for this entry:

Also the who won page on the official IOCCC website.

I will probably have more information on this entry in time but for now I only include an example of the drawing mode (look at the actual tweet's image for a better idea) and also a link to the entry itself.

The winning entry (Last updated: 21 Feb 2021)

The winning entry can be found here. However there seems to be a problem on both the GitHub and the website with my entries due to the way they changed the publication: particularly the .markdown files were renamed to .text files. Thus I ask you to please download the tarball here. Note that there won't be the footer notes that are on the IOCCC markdown and html files but compiling the entry shouldn't have any problems (please tweet to me if there's a problem and I'll correct it). The judges did tell me that there are some problems with the new set up so for now this will suffice. Also for this entry the html files had some problems due to my markdown that I fixed but due to the changes in publication they never got fixed (I fixed them but I was unfortunately not able to commit them before publication).

Drawing mode demonstration (tweet) (New: 11 Sep 2020)
Errata on this entry (New: 12 Aug 2020)

In the bugs file I noted that it appears that some input devices other than the keyboard can trigger input; I gave the example of on my MacBook Pro the trackpad if I swipe down and then up the snake runs into itself. I learnt today, 12 August 2020, that it's because of the keypad being enabled - in order to accept arrow keys. Thus this is a necessary consequence of using arrow keys (which have always felt more natural to me than other keys for movement).