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New: 26 July 2020 (complete changelog since 26 July 2020)

On 26 July 2020 it came to my attention that two of my 2020 IOCCC entries have won! I'm very very happy and incredibly proud. This brings my total to three now. In time here I will give more information but for now this tweet is all there is for this entry:

Also the who won page on the official IOCCC website.

I am very very happy and very very proud and that's an understatement! I find it fitting that the award is 'Most enigmatic' because when I wrote this one (only after the crazy pandemic of 2020 had the judges reopen the contest - I didn't have time or energy or any inspiration for this before the contest closed the first time) I imagined that if it indeed won that it would be given that award exactly. The question wasn't the title but rather if it would win and I'm happy to say it did indeed win!