As I explained in the index for IOCCC 26 even though I did not win there are two entries I wanted to show because they cannot be improved and yet I found them interesting though of the two I am publishing in their entirety this is far less interesting from the other one for me.

This is how it transpired. When trying to come up with an interesting idea for an entry I had at first thought of making a one liner entry. I decided against this but I had the thought: what if there is a program that would act much like wc(1) but with the following changes:

In the remarks.markdown (opens in a new tab/window) I write about how there are variations of prime numbers in the source code as well as the remarks file and some arithmetic based on the current year (and maybe some other things). I was quite impressed with what I came up with though the really cool one was the entry I am at this time not publishing. Otherwise there is a tarball of the files here and the individual files can be found here. And no: I do not expect anyone to really look at any of this at all but I originally had the idea that I might put some of the losing entries here too (this was thought last year).