As I explained in the index for IOCCC 26 even though I did not win there are two entries I wanted to show because they cannot be improved and yet I found them interesting though of the two I am publishing in their entirety this is far less interesting from the other one, at least for me.

As I was looking for interesting ideas it occurred to me: there has never been a Pascal's triangle entry or even if there has (I don't recall now) there has never been a Sierpinski's triangle fractal. Okay but then how would it be displayed? Well loathe as I am of HTML I decided it could be HTML output with a style sheet (but you can override the default) and allow for scripting too (you can specify which file includes your scripts etc.). I decided jQuery might be nice to support (even though I think JavaScript is absolutely hideous) and I also gave some examples of it in use some of which I find rather beautiful. The program takes parameters as such:

usage: ./prog [stylesheet] [script] [title]

For more information see the remarks.markdown (opens in a new tab/window) as well as the various HTML files in the Pascal's Triangle subdirectory. Finally a tarball of all the files can be downloaded here.

BTW: Two very interesting article on Pascal's triangle and what can be found in them can be found here and here. Also in the remarks.markdown I include some humour (programming included but note I am extremely easily amused and I LOVE silliness so it might or might not be for everyone but that's expected) as well as a simple calculation that tallies up powers of 2 e.g. 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + ... + 8192 when talking with someone (and doing the talking) about someone completely unrelated back in 2017.

Just like the other entry I do not really expect anyone to look at this but I had thought of doing this last year for my losing entries. Maybe I will actually publish some of my other entries from 2018 but I do not know if or when. As it is I am barely able to do this I have so much going on and I am so dead tired.