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Last updated: 13 May 2019 (complete changelog since 13 May 2019)

First of all: congratulations to the IOCCC 26 winners! I especially want to congratulate those who won last year for the first time and who also won this year; I know that Timo won a second time but there was at least one other too (or is that 'two' ? :). It was past my bedtime when the judges announced the winners Saturday and Sunday, 12 May, I was mostly asleep so tired I was. Either way congratulations to all! I would like to say that I look forward to seeing all your entries but I am rather 'detached' at this time so I really don't know what I am.

Although I did not win IOCCC 26 that's okay; as it is I at first thought I wouldn't even participate because I have so much going on; in the end I did put a lot of effort into it and there are two entries (one of which is something of a nod to IOCCC one liner entries) that I am willing to publish now for there are two entries that I don't feel ever have a chance of winning and yet I still think they're kind of cool so to say as follows. And as I noted in the Weasel entry from last year the fact the judges removed the question they had posed in their guidelines for 2018 after I answered the question and added an Easter egg to do with it makes me feel like I won twice for the same entry. And yes: I do write a lot but I also try and structure it as best I can in the exhausted stressed state I tend to be in; even so I am rather thorough and elaborate and I fully admit I tend to word things in strange ways but these are as I submitted them and I don't see why I should change any of it. The links below briefly (honestly!) explain each of the entries and link to the files and a tarball for each entry.