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Last updated: 2019/01/14

The IOCCC 2018 entries were published on 6 May 2018 and although I don't have much planned here I did want to make a small website for the contest and particularly my entry (and if I find anything interesting to implement and win, in the future, I would have it here too). As of 14 January 2019 I have the winning Tweet; a special honour I feel in the 2019 guidelines with respect to my Weasel words entry; an introduction on my entry; links to the files and some basic notes about the entry; history behind my entry; my winning thoughts; my thoughts on the judges' comments; a reference (and a few comments on) an outside site that references the IOCCC 25 winning entries; and my thoughts on the other winning entries. See 'Best use of weasel words' for more information.